Bahrain Bourse Joins Tawasul

Monday, January 27, 2020
Bahrain Bourse today announced that it has joined the National Suggestions & Complaints System ‘Tawasul’, in line with its efforts to further enhance its communication with key stakeholders such as investors, issuers, intermediaries, and market participants.
Individuals and institutions will be able to submit enquires, suggestions, and complaints on ‘Tawasul’, finding suitable and timely responses on their most frequently asked questions related to the general work of Bahrain Bourse, the opening of accounts, and deposits, withdrawals and transfers of shares, among other. A Bahrain Bourse dedicated team will handle these queries.
“Bahrain Bourse has been recently focusing its efforts on encouraging stakeholders’ engagement in order to enhance transparency and fairness in the market and better meet the needs and expectations of investors and the standards of global financial markets. By joining ‘Tawasul’ and expanding its channels of communication and feedback to reach a wider audience on the local and regional level, we can fulfill our commitment towards better serving the market," said Mr. AbdulRahman Abdulla Al-Shafei, Senior Director of Risk Management & Compliance.
‘Tawasul’ is an easy-to-use system that enables users to submit any enquiry, suggestion, or complaint to Bahrain Bourse at any time and place. Bahrain Bourse collaborated with the Information & eGovernment Authority in order to ensure the successful utilization of the ‘Tawasul’ system and handle enquiries/suggestions/complaints in an effective and professional manner.
‘Tawasul’ is accessible via the National Portal at or through the Tawasul app downloaded via the Government Apps Store at  Users can also access the National Suggestions & Complaints System, ‘Tawasul’ through Bahrain Bourse’s website
Bahrain Bourse is a self-regulated exchange, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, which is fully owned by the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.