Central Registry

Central Registry 
The Central Registry was launched by Bahrain Bourse as a part of Central Securities Depository (CSD) Division purposely to handle a central database for joint-stock Issuer share books, additionally providing high quality services to those companies and shareholders.


  1. Establish a Centralized database preserves the information of all Issuer shareholders, to be managed by one central authority through an automated system in accordance with the international standards.
  2. Conserve shareholders' ownership rights by pursuing laws and regulations applied in the kingdom.

  • Maintaining a record of the Share Register in electronic form.
  • Updating shareholders' ownership records subsequent to shares transfer through trades and Exceptional Cases
  • Maintaining securities pledges in electronic form.
  • Providing shareholding reports to Issuer.
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Company.
  • Responding to Investors' inquiries.
  • Issuance of Reports of Shares Movement in registers of listed companies.
  • Executing approved AGMs corporate actions including: Stock Merger and Acquisition, Capital reduction, Bonus issue and stock split.
  • Offering IPO processes services.