How to Open an Account

How to Open An Account 

To invest in Bahrain Bourse you can either open an account as an individual or for a institution by filling the Opening Account Forms. Different opening account forms are to be filled for each case as seen in the table below:

Individual Investors 
  Fees  Requirement  Form Required
NIN Number BD 4.400
  • Valid Identification Card (ID).
  • Valid Passport.
  • Proof of Address.
  • IBAN confirmation.
  • Personal attendance required or through an authorized broker.
  • Original Share Certificate For Deposit.
Account Opening BD 1.100

Further documentation requirements for individuals in case of:

Individual Investors 
Representative  Additional documents to be submitted along with the above mentioned:

  • Power of Attorney (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain if outside of The Kingdom of Bahrain).
  • Court order in case of legal guardianship other than the father for minors.
  • Valid ID and Valid Passport of the representative/legal guardian or Joint Account Parties.
  • IBAN confirmation.
  • In Case of Joint Account: , Letter from all parties of joint account directed to Bahrain Clear authorizing any or all parties to manage the account.
Minor (Less than 21yrs old) 
Joint account 
  • Original Inheritor’s Certificate.
  • Original Power of attorney from all inheritors.
  • Valid ID and Passport of representative (original).
  • Valid ID and Passport of inheritors (copy).
  • Copy of decreased ID.
  • IBAN confirmation of inheritors.
  • Original Share Certificate For Deposit.


Institutional Investors 
  Fees  Requirement  Form Required
NIN Number BD 9.900
  • Valid Commercial Registration (CR).
  • Copy of Article of Association and Memorandum of Association.
  • List of shareholders names, shares held by each and their full address.
  • Valid ID and Passport of companies shareholder.
  • Board Resolution or letter stating authorized person(s) on behalf of the company.
  • IBAN confirmation.
  • Authorized persons' valid passports and ID.
Account Opening BD 1.100


eDividend Application Form 
                                 Requirement  Form Required
  • IBAN confirmation.
  • Valid ID.
  • Application for Can be filled directly through Bahrain Bourse’s website.
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