NBB Launches Cutting Edge Online Trading Platform with Al Watani Trade

Sunday, May 19, 2019
National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) announced the expansion of its digital offering with the launch of its latest innovation, Al Watani TRADE, a new and cutting edge online trading platform that allows clients to trade equities and other securities directly on Bahrain Bourse using a smart devices.

Al Watani TRADE was inaugurated at Bahrain Bourse trading floor during open of trade. The ceremony was attended by NBB management and staff to launch the service, which has been developed in collaboration with Mubasher Financial Services in line with NBB’s broader efforts to drive digital innovation across the Bank and to create online products and services that make banking and managing wealth more simple, secure and convenient for its customers.
Al Watani TRADE offers minimum upfront investment costs and a more efficient and simplified way for customers to access the market from wherever they are. Among Al Watani TRADE’s key features are:
  • Customised stock alerts and smart grid watchlists to keep track of favourite stocks
  • View buying power information with just a click
  • Consolidated portfolio review and evaluation
  • Historical transactions record
  • Investment analysis tools and resources
  • Real-time market notifications for potential investment opportunities
  • Major Global Market Summary to help monitor price movement and keep track of the key market indices, commodities and currencies
  • Trading alerts and notifications via SMS and email
Commenting, Hussain Al Hussaini, Chief Executive – Treasury, Capital Markets & Welath Management at NBB, said, “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Al Watani TRADE, providing a state-of-the-art online trading platform for our customers. Digital innovation and making transacting more efficient and seamless for our customers is a priority for NBB and our transformation and we are excited to bring to market new platform that take us further in this direction. Al Watani TRADE has a host of features that make getting and trading online simple and efficient. This includes easy account opening and approvals and a host of tools to help support trading success. With Al Watani TRADE, customers get real-time quotes, can buy and sell stocks on the go, access all news and announcements, and benefit from a wide range of analytical tools to help them make smart and well-informed decisions.”
Commenting on this occasion, Narjes Farookh Jamal, Chief Operating Officer of Bahrain Bourse stated: “AlWatani Trade, which falls under the Bahrain Trade network, aims to  enhance retail investor penetration in the market as the platform aims to provide convenience and flexibility. NBB’s AlWatani Trade aims to provide a completely new investment experience, in which investors can manage their securities online easily – both in terms of trading and execution. This further increases the efficiency of the capital markets.”
It is noteworthy that the ‘AlWatani Trade’ platform falls under the ‘Bahrain Trade’ network; one of the most recent initiatives that aims to enhance investors experience at Bahrain Bourse. AlWatani Trade is jointly being operated with ‘Mubasher’ financial services company, a licensed broker on Bahrain Bourse and the Middle East Region’s leading brokerage services provider. The solution has been designed to provide investors with high-tech and safety for execution of transactions as well as convenience and ease of use.
To sign up and start trading, NBB retail customers can visit and register online at nbbonline.com/trade with a minimum of BD 1,000 for account opening.