The BIBF and Bahrain Bourse Launch a Series of Webinars under the Investment Academy

Thursday, May 19, 2022
The Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF) and Bahrain Bourse have announced the launch of a series of free one-hour webinars for the public, under the umbrella of the Investment Academy, with the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of the financial and investment culture.

A selection of experts and specialists in the fields of finance, investment and sustainability will participate in the webinars, which will start on May 26, and registration will be available for interested investors of all categories, including beginners, women, youth, retirees and university students via

The BIBF Director, Dr. Ahmed Abdulhameed Al Shaikh, has indicated that such webinars will be organised in cooperation with Bahrain Bourse under the umbrella of the Investment Academy with the aim of providing participants with basic information to develop their own financial plans, given the BIBF’s commitment to enhance the financial and investment culture among various segments of society.

He also added that these webinars are in line with the government's plans and programmes through the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, which will contribute to strengthening the investment market in the Kingdom of Bahrain, creating real job and investment opportunities for stakeholders, including businessmen, women, retirees and youth, and enhancing the path and value of the distinguished investment market in Bahrain.

The CEO of Bahrain Bourse, Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa has said, "This initiative is in line with the BHB’s strategy aimed at achieving its vision of enhancing financial awareness for various segments of society. The Investment Academy, which is offered in collaboration with the BIBF, is one of our main initiatives to promote investment awareness and to specifically target a wide range of stakeholders.

The programme includes six webinars, the first of which will deal with “How Can Women Start Their Investment Journey?”, presented by Dr. Chitra Suresh. This webinar will cover areas related to women empowerment in the capital market sector, and tackle the first steps that women can take to start their investment journey.

The theme of the second webinar will be "Personal Finances", and will be presented by Noorhan Al-Zan. This webinar will cover the main areas and concepts of personal finance: savings, investments, retirement, and tips and ideas about better personal finance management.
Savitha Raghavan will be the speaker of the third webinar, which will be "Importance of Know Your Customer in Capital Market” and will cover the importance of ensuring identification, provision, updating and verification of all relevant customer information in accordance with requirements and instructions.

In the webinar entitled "Introduction to Sustainability and Impacts on Investment", Noorhan Al-Zan will address the nature of sustainable development, the key investment concepts applicable to sustainability and their impact on decision-making. Regarding the fifth webinar, it will be entitled "How to be Fiscally Fit", wherein Dr. Chitra Suresh will explain what it means to be fiscally fit and what are the benefits of it. It will also shed a light on how to sustain being fiscally fit in the long term.

In the sixth and final webinar; Savitha Raghavan will speak about the "Capital Market Regulatory Environment in Bahrain". This webinar will define the legal framework, the capital market regulators in Bahrain, the importance of legislation, laws and regulations in the capital market to protect investors and traders, the explanation of the concepts of trading mechanisms to insiders, obligation to monitor the market and investigation of suspicious cases.

It is worth mentioning that the BIBF, in cooperation with Bahrain Bourse, launched the Investment Academy in 2017 to provide practical knowledge, targeting novice and professional investors to enhance their knowledge about capital markets through advanced and developed training methods and techniques. The Investment Academy also aims to build capabilities and enhance the Kingdom’s position as a financial centre for banking services, and positioning it as an intellectual centre for training and knowledge. The Academy provides general awareness-raising webinars and professional certifications, and delivers training workshops on the most important topics in the capital markets. Since its launch, the Investment Academy has provided more than 2,751 training hours to more than 2,673 professional trainees.